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Soufflé Pancakes

What are Japanese Souffle Pancakes also known as Fluffy?

They are very fluffy pancakes, but very fluffy, airy and have a sparkling sound when you cut them, if it is the first time you try to make them stay "stucco".




15 min






Soufflé Pancakes

By: Sweet Shades & Delights

They differ from ordinary Pancakes or American Pancakes from its softness and that are less heavy at the time of enjoying them! They are great for a delicious breakfast.
The ingredients for Souffle Pancakes are similar to regular pancakes, so what makes them different? What makes souffles so soft and delicious?
souffle Pancakes


  • 30 g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 g chemical yeast
  • 25 g sugar
  • Vanilla
  • 17 g milk
souffle Pancakes
soufflé pancakes

Did you know that?

The secret lies in airiness; are super ariosis, like souffle. When you cut the pancakes, you can also hear the air bubbles bursting!

soufflé pancakes


Step 1

To make the soufflé pancakes, in a bowl, add the flour, yeast, vanilla and milk. Then separate the yolk from the egg white and add the yolks to the mixture. Mix.

Step 2

In another bowl with a whisk whipped the egg white, then add the caster sugar to the egg white. Mix.

Step 3

Incorporated into the egg white mounted the compound made with eggs. Stir gently.

Step 4

Heat a pot over a moderate heat and butter it; with the help of an ice cream scoop/spoon formed balls. Then add some water and cover.

Cook each side 5/7 minutes.

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