It is in simplicity where good taste is found.

We believe that a culinary base is necessary to achieve good results in the kitchen.

Recipes without simple and elaborated without sacrificing taste.

Each recipe has its personality and creativity, don’t miss it, which you spread and combine with us.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

And how do we start the day? with delicious recipes made in houses, with very few ingredients.

Basic Recipes

You will find basic recipes prepared step by step for excellent results.


They can never miss! You can’t buy yourself happiness but you can eat their sweetness with a dessert.


Yeast can never be missing in our kitchen! you will find exquisite recipes with excellent results.

Featured Recipes

Hokkaido Milk Bread Recipe | Milk bread

The milk bread is soft as a cloud, it is prepared with the tang zhong method, that is, a "cream" made with milk and flour, letting it thicken and then letting the mixture rest that will then add to the dough.

Chocolate lava cake with a Soft Heart

it is a delicious single portion spoon dessert that has a soft and warm heart inside when the spoon sinks. Quick and easy to prepare at home.

Lime meringue tartellette

Lime Meringue Tartellettes are exquisite single-portion tarts to serve on every occasion.

Chantilly Ice Cream Cookie Frozen

Ice Cream Cookie with Frozen Chantilly Creamit is a delicious and delicious Homemade Chantilly Ice...

Japanese Souffle' Pancakes Recipe

The Souffle' Pancakes, they are very fluffy, airy pancakes and have a sparkling sound when you cut them. You're going to be amazed!

Quick and easy waffles, Gaufre recipe at home

They are delicious for breakfast with jam, nutella or homemade hazelnut cream with a little icing sugar or maple syrup. "Well the choices are really many" They are yummy even for snacks along with a delicious ice cream.

Custard, Recipe for Eccelenza

Custard is a cream widely used in pastry, in fact it is the cream par excellence and never misses. Protagonist of numerous spoon desserts, croissants, cakes, puffs, profiteroles and tarts.

Shortcrust pastry, for biscuits and tarts | Handwritten recipe

Hand shortcrust pastry Shortcrust pastry is among the most used in pastry, I introduce you to a...

Mini Pavlova, Recipe – Cake Pavlovas

Pavlova is a delicate and elegant dessert typical of Australia and New Zealand. A crispy meringue base decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit! an indescribable goodness. This simple and easy-to-make recipe would have been created in 1926, by the chef of a hotel in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sponge Cake Recipe |: Soft and Light

Sponge cake is one of the most indispensable preparations in the kitchen, it is often used as a basis for preparing delicious sweets, tarts, birthday cake or a dessert.

Los Churros, an Easy and Fast Recipe

Homemade Churros There is no corner in the world where traditional Churros or Bolos are not made....

Flower Syrup, Homemade | Recipe

Syrup based on dried flowers and citrus fruits, a valid substitute for honey for vegans, great for rusks and pancakes

Crème Caramel |: perfect and fast recipe

Crème caramel is a delicious spoon dessert, loved by young and old all over the world; learn how to prepare this delight.

Panna Cotta, With agar agar

If you have never tasted Panna cotta with agar agar, you are on the right page! Today we introduce you to this recipe variant to the

Plumcake with Lemon and White Chocolate

This plumcake with the scent of lemon and white chocolate has a truly unique flavor, prepares in a few minutes and is quick and easy to make. Finally, we present plumcake with a glaze that will make it crispy.

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